Rivet Catcher

July 1, 2017



The 'Rivet Catcher' had a thankless job... "At a central location near the areas being riveted, a furnace was set up. Rivets were placed in the furnace and heated to glowing hot (often to white hot) so that they were more plastic and easily deformed. The rivet warmer or "cook" used tongs to remove individual rivets and throw them to a catcher stationed near the joints to be riveted. The catcher (usually) caught the rivet in a leather or wooden bucket with an ash-lined bottom."


Rivet Catcher Ale needs no introduction. Renowned around the North East, it's popularity continues to grow. There's even a band called 'The Rivet Catchers'. Available in bottles at selected stores and here in our Shop / Brewery Tap. Any travelling connoisseurs can step off the train at Central Station, Newcastle and sip a pint at The Centurion Bar or grab a take away from Centrale Ale Shop where it's their best seller.




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