Delta APA 4.5%

Heavy on hops, light on malts, this award winning American pale ale is a must to try. (Cask & Keg)

NEW! Big Rivet 5.0%

Rivet Catchers stronger, hoppier brother. This modern twist on a north east classic is hoppier, stronger and more flavoursome. (Cask & mini-cask)

Taiheke Sun 4.2%

New Zealand hopped pale ale has a full tropical citrus flavour with a spiced finish. (Cask and Keg)

Stargazer 4.2%

New world dry hopped premium amber ale. Big fruity flavours with a hint of citrus. (Cask & Bottle)

Antidote 4.2%

4.2% Double Dry Hopped West Coast Pale Ale. Mouthwatering Pineapple & Exotic Fruit Flavours. The solution to your everyday problems. Available to order now in 9-gallon cask and 5 litre mini keg.

Hopnicity 5.0%

An award wining West coast pale ale. Double dry hopped. Full hop flavour & aroma.

Great North Eastern Gold 4.0%

Smooth & Satisfying US hopped Golden Ale. Brewed using Mount Hood Hops. (Cask & Bottle.)

Styrian Blonde

With Slovenian hops, this blonde refreshing summer pale ale goes down smoothly. (Cask, keg and Bottle)

Claspers Citra

Citra hopped pale ale. Grapefruit and Mango notes. Dedicated to north east sporting pioneer Harry Clasper. Cask and Bottle.

Rivet Catcher 4.0%

A light, smooth, satisfying golden hoppy ale. Subtle fruity hops. Silver & Bronze medalist in Champion beer of Britain. (Cask, Keg and Bottle.)

Golden Tap 4.0

Refreshing and perfectly balanced golden ale. Plenty of hops and good bitterness. (Cask Only)


COMING SOON! Traditional British porter. Full chocolate flavour with a rich malt profile. (Cask & Bottle)

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